Human Ice Cube

This is me, the Human Ice Cube. Beautiful sunny day, but where we sit in the stands, the homes behind us block the warmth of the sun.
Spencer coaching! He is not a Human Ice Cube, he stands in the sunshine.
Two of my Human Ice Cube mates. We are very loyal fans.

This is Tyler coaching! He also is not a Human Ice Cube.

Spencer started out on the roof, to get a better view of the plays and such. But he got in trouble from the vice-principal and had to stand on the sidelines like everybody else. He was not impressed!
This was a dad from the other team who was extremely energetic and slightly psychotic.
Us as a family, and as a youth go to the South Delta Sundevils homegames to cheer on Jeremy Wollin (#20) who is a member of our youth, and watch Spencer and Tyler be the great coaches they are. We are all very loyal fans because for the second game in a row, we were Human Ice Cubes! Despite the lack of heat provided at these games, we always have fun. We must be lucky charms because so far we have won every game. (Okay, except one against NewWest, but Spencer said that doesn't count because it was an exhibition game.)


  1. I was a human ice-cube. The bottoms of my feet were so cold. Next game I am wearing all the clothes I own. Thanks for sharing your blanket with me Michelle.

  2. I agree about wearing all the clothes you own thing. Have you ever seen the Friends episode where Joey puts on all of Chandler's clothes?


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