the Baby Shower!

This is Jackie opening the basket that the youth girls made. She absolutely loved it!
And this is her BEAUTIFUL daughter, Haylee! She is a GOOD baby. Barely cried all night. According to her 6 year old cousin Aiden, she can say "hi" and sing! And she is only three months old. But seriously, Jackie said she will sleep 10-11 hours. WOW!

This is Jackie cutting the cake... all that hard work. Haha, sorry carriage but that was your purpose in life.
Diane's gorgeous set up!

On the way to the Smid's. I threatened him with his life. Not really, but almost!

The sleeping beauty!

Spencer took out Aiden (Haylee's couin and roomate) swimming while all the ladies were at the party. (Notice Aiden's chocolate lips.)

Diane hold the precious baby. I know what you are all thinking, and DON'T!
Haylee trying on her new and very cute pink elephant hat. She doesn't like it now, but she will once she sees herself in a mirror
More talent, spit bubbles that will break world records.

Praise God that Jackie was feeling well enough to come to the shower. The day before she had strep throat (spelling?) and we all weren't sure if the shower would be on or not. She had a whole army of prayer warriors for her. Monday night, the shower was still on! Her and Haylee were so blessed by the members of her community that showed up to bless her and her baby. They both received some great gifts. Really cute girly outfits, books, blankets, a homemade quilt, and some very practical and fun gifts too!
The night was a success!

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