Shrum Bowl 2K8

Back at Thunderbird Stadium!
What the heck?! Who is wearing number 56? And why?!
Action shot! A hard hit.
Larry-o concentrating on the plays and keeping score.

Ouch! The sound of the pads and helmuts coming together in a crunch always gives me chills. I do not miss Spencer being in the middle of all that, even though I know he does.

Two very awesome cheerleaders!
Clowning around. Can anything ever be TOTALLY serious?

What a night! Wow, first of all it was SUCH an unfortunate loss to the SFU Clans. They are doing well this season, but it doesn't mean we UBC-ers are happy for them. The Shrum Bowl is your classic case of school rivalry. Fan fights break out in the beer gardens, excited fans dressed to the nines in school gear and painted faces, and the excitement of the fans vibrated in the stands at UBC's home Thunderbird Stadium. It felt good to be back in those stands again. It was WIERD cheering WITH Spencer, instead of for him, sitting next to him in the stands, and talking with the other gradded players not in uniform and smelling like sweat and turf. A fun night reminicing ended in quiet sadness of the loss.

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