Double Family Date -Babcock/Saips and Smids

Ouch! Hard hit!

Jack the Giant with the excited young fans.
Brighid and Mackenzie cheering on Gatlin...and the Giants too.
Our Gatty singing the anthem before the game.
"Da-aad! The mic doesn't work!" ...techinical difficulties.
Karla invited the Smid's to the fancy box suite with all the perks to watch Gatlin sing the anthem for the game. Okay, let's just be honest. Us girls visited while the boys watched the game. We did win 7-1 and Gatlin didn't forget the words.

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  1. hey spencer and michelle! yes! italy was SO grand and amazing! and yes indeed, we did eat lemonchello ice cream and a number of other flavors on multiple occasions!! and now its back to reality!
    so nice to hear from you!


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