Baby Carriage Cake

Step One - bake cake and cut
step two cute circle for baby's head.
Add the icing! I tried the ttrick from "Mennonite Girls Can Cook" blog, where you put on a pre-layer of icing to "seal" in the crumbs. It didn't work. So there is a nice THICK layer of icing to cover the crumbs. As you can see by the can, I cheated by using bought stuff. It was on sale, OK!
Step Two - the piping. I chose to stick to one colour. Less mess, easier to do.
Then I put on Baby's face, and added a hair bow.
Now its done! The licorice pink handle, is the final touch. Too bad baby Haylee can't eat her cake!

This cake is for the shower I told you about earlier. The one that my youth girls helped out with.
Please pray for everything to go well tomorrow, and that the mom will be able to accept it all for what it is, a shower of love!

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