Sunday Afternoons

Sunday afternoons are usually relaxing here in the Smid Jr. household. After church we usually come home, eat lunch and then head to the living room and turn on the football game(s). I half watch (I really am trying to get better at paying attention and learning.) and I "tinker" around and keep him company. Whether its scrapbooking, writing recipes, making cards or reading. We both usually end up falling asleep, me on the couch and Spencer in the red lounger. I love Sunday afternoons! Except no sleeping during football this time, it is starting to get too intense with the big thingy coming up. Superbowl? (I am only teasing. One time I couldn't remember what the Superbowl was called, so I said "the big end of the season thingy." Spencer still hasn't let that one go.)

See Spencer's goatee? That was my surprise when I came home from Abbotsford. Lucky me.

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