The baby monkey at the zoo in Basel
Eating Toblerone in the Alps at Grindewald. Those are the Alps behind us with Glaciers.
The decorated cowbells. They were so cool and very beauiful.
Skydiving was a popular thing to do in Interlaken. It was cool to see people
floating down with the Alps in the background.

A mystical photo of the Alps as we came down on the train.
Top Five of Switzerland:
1) Going to Basel - We did that during our stay in Germany, so it is a repeated Top 5. The zoo was great, as you can see from that adorable baby monkey! It was neat to watch them, they are like little kids!
2) Going to Interlaken - We stayed here for one night. It is pretty small and really cute. We walked around the town and saw people skydiving. It is a pretty adventurous place. ATV-ing, White Water River Rafting, Sky Diving... we wanted to do some but Switzerland is really expensive.
3) Grindewald - we took this old-fashioned looking train up into the Alps. The view going up and down was amazing. Unfortunatly it was pretty cloudy and we didn't get to see ALL of the Alps, but still it took our breath away! We looked in shops, ate Movenpick ice cream and relaxed in a field.
4) Cowbells - When we were relaxing in the field you could hear the cowbells ringing in the distance. It was such a cool experience. One of those times when you really realize where you are and you just take a deep breath and go "Wow." It was so peaceful and serene.
5) Experience - How many times can you write how amazing the experience it was? Really, it wasn't THINGS we saw like it was when we were in London. It was the feeling here. Being in the Alps, surrounded by them, hearing the bells, the rolling hills. It was a peaceful and relaxing place.

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