Salzburg, Austria

We took the Sound of Music tour!
The hometown of Mozart! There is Mozart EVERYTHING there.
A cool street in Salzburg. Every store has fancy signs, even the McDonald's!
The fortress at the top of the hill. Very old and very cool.
Spencer wanted to visit a Beer Hall, and so we found this brewery. It was so cool. You grab a stein off of the shelf (1L steins) and rinse it out at this fountain and get it filled up. The people here were so cool and funny. The guy gave me a lemonade because I don't like beer. It was yummy!

Top Five of Salzburg:

1) Sound of Music tour - We learned the history of the Van Trap family and got to see their house. We saw places where they filmed scenes from the movie and listen to the sound track at all the places that went with the songs. It was a great way to see Salzburg and area.

2) Dinner - One of the best meals we had in Europe was here. We found this cute little restaraunt by our B and B. It was outside and coered with big trees that shaded the tables. Lanterns were strung from tree to tree. We sat and talked and relaxed and took it all in. Another time where you just look around and think "We are here!"

3) Walking around the outskirts of Salzburg - It was June 5th, my Mom's birthday and we journeyed out to find a payphone. We asked around and everyone told us to go into the city. It was a long walk and we couldn't find a phone. But it was really fun because we were walking through neighbourhoods looking at the houses and people's pets and admiring gardens. There were carriages going down the streets and it was really romantic. We ended up finding a payphone right back where we had started! So I got to wish my mom a happy birthday.

4) Making friends - At breakfast in our B and B we met another couple who were from the states. She was a teacher and he was studying to be a pastor. They also went on the s.o.m. tour. It was great to meet another couple and get to know them! Meeting new people was definately a highlight of our whole trip.

5) the Brewery - We walked around the city, down that cool old street. Window shopping and exploring. We then went exploring for a Beer Hall. That was fun. We found this big yellow building that we thought was a brewery, but we had a hard time finding the entrance! Finally we found it and it had a big beer garden and beer hall. We hung out in there for a while and talked. It was great!

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