Jesse and Spencer cooking 40 kilos of ribs for HBR dorm.
A dorm of 28 boys!

Visiting the Eis Cafe with Jesse and Doris, who we stayed with.

I had the suggested Spaghetti Eis, looked like real spaghetti!

A big outdoor market in Freiburg. It was so amazing!

We climbed to the top of the Munter, a tower at the top

a gothic looking church.

Eating Black Forest Cake in the Black Forest!
These are the kids that were in the Liel dorm with Spencer

when he was in grade 11. They were all in elem. school,

and now some are graduating!

Highlights of Germany are...

1) Going to stay with the Franks at Black Forest Academy. Catching up on sleep, eating good homemade food, meeting new people and catching up with old friends, sleeping in... to name a few.

2) Titesee and Freiburg - I am not sure if I spelled those two towns right. We took a day trip from Kandern to these two towns by train. Freiburg had a beautiful that we climbed to the top of. It had a VERY cool outdoor market, it was huge. We walked around like kids in a toy store. Fresh meat, produce, woodwork and wooden toys. In Titesee we rented a paddle boat and went out on the lake. It was very touristy, but so cute. Lots of gift shops. There was a Christmas store and lots of witch memorobilia everywhere. Which we couldn't figure out what the witches had to do with th Black Forest. If anyone knows, do tell!

3) Basil - We took another day trip to Basel, Switzerland, which is so close. We walked from the train station to the zoo. It was spring so their were so many baby animals! It was great fun. Then we walked around and tried some food like sausage rolls and croissants and went into some shops. Oh and we had Movenpick ice cream. Seriously, its the best ever. It is worth flying to Switzerland for! Mostly just explored!

4) Eis Cafe - We visited a few of these... (guilty face). The are ice cream shops where you can have a cone or a cool creation. Like for instance the Spaghetti Eis, Pizza Eis or Eis that looks like a Snowman.

5) Visiting B.F.A. - We went to the school that Spencer went to in grade 3 and 11. It was great to see the kids and teachers and old friends. We walked around the school and took a tour of all that was new. Jesse and Doris took us around and showed us lots of the dorms. We also cooked a whole bunch of ribs for the boys at HBR. I loved watching them, they chowed down! I have never seen boys eat that much. They were rolling on the floor after dinner in pain. Oh, and the salad was barely touched.

6) Munich (Munchen) - I had to add a 6th. We went to Munich to see the Dachau Concentration Camp Museum. I decided not to put up any photos, it was just too sad of a place. It was a great learning experience and really puts things into perspective. Terribly horrific and surreal.

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