This is the lake we camped in in Abcoude, near Amsterdam.
Diane told me that I needed to eat a McCroquet! So here it is!
Bikes and canals... everywhere.
There were mashes of bikes everywhere! I don't know how the people got their bike out!
Holland was sporting orange flags everywhere in preparation for the EuroCup!

Okay, so I made a mistake and put this in the wrong order. We went to Holland after England. Oops!

Five Highlights of Holland:
1) Camping - It was our first camping experience in Holland! It was SO chill. There, Canadians are worshipped! They loved us there, we felt like celebrities! The people who ran the campsite were Canadians as well. We stayed in Abcoude, which was about a 20 minute train ride from Amsterdam. We stayed in a small trailer on a lake. It was pretty cool, but I got some mysterious bites!
2) Amsterdam - A very cool city. There is the city square in the middle, and the streets all circle around that. With canals going all through it. So there are lots of bridges and boats. The city was all decked out in orange. And in the grocery shops they were selling all orange foods - cheezies, orange pop and orange candy.
3) Anne Frank House - We visited the house of Anne Frank. Otto Frank, Anne's father wished that when the house became a museum, the furniture was not replaced, just as the Germans had left it. The museum was amazing, we got to go through the whole house and see the hiding place. There was artifacts from the family and concentration camp and quotes from her diary on the walls.
4) Haarlem - We took a day trip to Haarlem and looked around. We went to the house of Corrie Tenboom. Unfortunatly, I forgot the camera this day, which was a bummer. The Corrie Tenboom house was used as a missionary house to tell the guests about the Good News of Jesus. I thought that was so cool!
5) the Northern Sea - After we left Haarlem, we took another train to a town that I forget the name of. It looked like what I picture the Hamptons in New York to look like. Beautiful beaches covered in shells. Blue and white umbrellas scattered all over the beach. And restaraunts lining the road and beach. Sunny day, it felt so nice to relax there!

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