Spencer in a Nottinghill Street. Beautiful area,
we stayed here for the first two nights.

Typical London photo, you just have to take it, right?
A really cute brewery/sausage house in Oxford. British Tea and beer!
Big Ben! So many amazing sights, this is just one of them.
The Changing of the Guard, the pomp and cirsumstance

of the whole ceremony is incredible.

So here they are, finally. Diane gave me a quick tutorial on Friday! Thank you! So I am working on putting them up. I am going to do the "Top 5" of each country. Pictures and highlights.

1) Oxford - big flea market, old buildings, lots of cashmere and paddling races on the river.

2) Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace and Hyde Park. We stayed right by Hyde Park for the first bit. Ate some picnics there, and enjoyed some nice walks. Buckingham Palace is beautiful. "Wandered" through the neighbourhoods in that area.

3) Windsor - took an audio tour of the castle. The Royal family has been residing there for something like 900 years. Lots of history and a great view of the Thames River. Very cool place, its neat to be at a real castle!

4) Shakespeare's Globe Theater - they redid the theatre to scale and made it look the same. They put on plays on shows for a decent price too! We saw "Shakespeare's Party", which is kind of like a spoof of his plays. The actors were talented and amazing. The costumes were crazy! It was kind of a bit of cirque de soleis and circus and play all together. So worth seeing! That day we walked all over and looked around. Walking was a great way to go, you get to see all the little things!

5) Sightseeing - we would take the tube (which is brilliant) and walk and walk. We wandered with no agneda sometimes just taking it all in. We saw (but didn't go on) the London Eye, Big Ben, Parliament Buildings, Kensington Palace (residence of the late Lady Di and Prince Charles.) We ate at some cool cafes and looked at the neat vintage shops and the really expensive ones downtown.

Overall, London was one of our favourite cities we saw. There is so much to see and do and we would definately go back... when our dollar is a bit better!

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