This is in Rome, a big Gelato place with "When In Rome" move posters everywhere.
David. What do you say about such an amazing statue? Michelangelo is so talented. He is TALL and amazing.
Part of the trail in Cinque Terre. It was such a great hike with AMAZING scenery!
One of the villages of Cinque Terre. Isn't it beautiful? The colours of the buildings are captivating.
The streets of Venice. No cars allowed!
Deep dish Italian pizza! Light and fluffy!
Saint Mark's Square. Amazing church, beautiful day!
Saint Peter's Church. Largest in the world.
The Coloseum, what an amazing place! So much information and so much history!
Can I narrow it down to five?

1) Venice - streets of water, gondolla ride, delicous pasta, the smells. I wish I could bottle the smell and bring it home. Glass blowing, Cassanova's house, St. Marks's Cathedral and Square. Old buildings with window boxes with flowers and hanging laundry. We found some kids after school having a waterfight by one of the fountains. It was so hot, so we didn't mind if we got sprayed a bit.
2) Rome - In Rome we stayed at this cool campsite by the water. It was a bit out of Rome, but it was a neat place and so tropical. Here we would eat a late dinne and watch Europ Cup! One night it was Italy versus Holland, and there were a whole bunch of Dutch people camping there, so it was quite intense! The Coloseum and the Forum were amazing. There is just so much hsitory. And the feeling of walking the same steps that the Cesar's did is crazy. Apparently, this is also where the Apostle Paul was kept prisoner.
3)the Vatican- We didn't have to wait long at all! It is a big place with lots to explore! We accidnetally skipped on part of the museum thinking we were taking a short cut to the Sistine Chapel and couldn't go back. It is crazy though, the art and tapestries. And the Sistine Chapel, no words to describe it. I am so blessed to have seen it! It was quite over whelming actually.
4)Florence - We stayed in a cool campsite in an Olive Grove by the Piazza Michelangelo. We had an amazing view of the city. We saw David, such a highlight. Experienced a thunder and lightening storm in the afternoon, and saw lots of cool buildings. They have this bridge that you walk over and you would never know it was a bridge when you were on it because there are shops all along each side.
5) Cinque Terre - Five small fishing villages all attached by a trail. It is a national park and apparently will be equivalent to the Great Wall of China for hikers. Hardcore hikers come from all over the world to do this trail. The Meditteranean (spelling?) here is amazing and the high up villages offer a great view of it. We walked through the villages and experienced the seaside culture.

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