Last, but not least, France

The Notredame Cathedral. I looked for Quasimodo, but I couldm't see him.
We saw a McLaren F1. Is that how you spell it?
I don't know if you can see, but we are sitting in front.

The Walt Disney Castle.
Nice at night, our first night there.
This is in Monte Carlo. Beautiful place. Here we visited the palace.
In Caen, northern France. We came here to go to the War Museum and visit June Beach.
On Juno Beach, it looks so peaceful. It was also cold!

Top Five of France are :

1) the South of France. Hot, hot, hot! We ate crepes and drank espresso, spent a day on the beach, and took a day trip to Monte Carlo.
2) Provence- We didn't stop in Proence, but we passed through it on train. It looked beautiful! Vineyards everywhere and little cottages! Would love to go back there.
3) Normandy - So much hisotry, and once again, they love Canadians! We went to a huge war museum. They even had an exhibit on 9-11. Then we took a day trip to Juno Beach, the area that the Canadians liberated. There was a museum there that some Canadian vets put together. It was like being back home. Their gift shop looked like one in Gastown! Interesting info. all about the involvement in the wars and development of our country.
4) Music day - Our first day in Paris there was this day that excused all rules about music. You could play wherever, whenever. So their were free concerts everywhere and of all different nationalities. It was so cool and a great introduction to Paris!
5) Eiffel Tower and Leuvre - We visited both, both amazing. In no way is that city under-rated. I loved it. So much to see, vendors, buildings, churches, people. It was a great city to end our trip with and we already can't wait to go back!

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