Figuring This Out

Ok, so dinner's in the oven, the laundry is folded so now I can sit down and figure this out! I am determined to do this on my own, just like Diane did. We will see how far I get before Spencer finds me crying, with the computer through the front window when he gets home. If you think about, maybe pray that tomorrow I will wake up with techy knowledge?
I am going to try and post our Europe pictures, that is my project for tonight. I am excited for you all to see them. I thought of you all as I took each photo. I really did, I am not just saying that.
So, for now I will update you on what is new for us.... We have recently had our "6 Month Wedding Anniversary. We are not ones to pay attention to the small anniversaries, but it was exciting. We made it through five and a half weeks of backpacking through most of western Europe, and returned more in love then when we left. (Feel free to do the puking motion here.)
I have returned to work to find great change. This has been such an enjoyable work place and I have made some new friends. Spencer has graduated with his Bachelor in Human Kinetics and is looking for a job in his field for this coming year. (I think of years from Sept. to June.) Please pray for him in his search. Right now he is working with his dad building a house. He LOVES it, and loves working along-side his dad. Isn't that great?
We also have a friend that has moved in with us . Her name also is Michelle Lynn! She will be staying with us until about December. It is good to have another roommate, especially since she has a cat!
Well, I guess I better get these pictures on here!
Take care,
Spencer and Michelle

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