Women In Business, Review and Giveaway: GLITTER & SPICE

Glitter & Spice is a local company
that makes teething jewelry for mama and baby. 
They make everything from necklaces,bracelets and
teething toys that look just like Oreos! 
They are made from silicone that is completely safe
for your little one.
Unlike most teething jewelry I see,
they are cute enough to wear as well.
Sometimes I have worn my piece
even when I go out without my teething baby! 

I first heard about Glitter and Spice when
I read a review on my friend Codi Lynn's blog, 
She held a giveaway and I won!
I received the Kate teething necklace 
and completely fell in love.
Jane loves to chew on the beads 
while I am wearing or holding her.
They are a great way to always have
something for her to chew on,
and I feel good knowing that they are safe 
for her to have in her mouth.

Jane has her own teething necklace as well.
Their are so many options for colour combinations
I found it hard to choose.
I ended up going with 50 Shades of Greyson
because I knew then it would match with everything.
If you have a hard time deciding too,
there is also the option to create a custom order.

What I like about both the adult and kid necklaces 
is the easy snap off in the back.
If Jane pulls on the necklace hard it will snap
apart and come off.
This is very important when kids where jewelry.
Its also loose enough for her to pull over her head. 
Babies and children should never wear jewelry 
when unsupervised by an adult.

Glitter & Spice is giving the readers of Just An Ordinary Family
20% your purchase until January 8th. 
Use the coupon code MS20 at checkout.

In addition to the coupon code,
Glitter & Spice would like to gift one lucky reader a necklace!

Please follow these instructions to be entered to win!
1) Follow Just An Ordinary Family 
Glitter & Spice on Instagram.


2) Tag a friend that you think would like to enter as well, one tag per comment.

Don't forget to like Glitter & Spice on Facebook too!

So I had full intentions of having an adorable photo shoot
with Jane using her necklace and bracelet.
Some photos taken of her nursing and using my necklace
(it avoids her pinching me, thank you!)
Do you think my active 1 year old wanted to cooperate?
So I went for some candid photos instead.
Not what I wanted at all,
but at least you will see her using the products.
Jane loves them and wants her pieces on all the time.
Even big sister wants to as well!

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