Mommy Mondays: What A Year

On Saturday as I took down
the Christmas tree,
the pile of kids books
and the intricate and breakable decor,
my mind wandered to what 
would be next Christmas.

Next December,
(okay I admit it, November)
what will life hold for us?
What will have changed?
What will remain the same?

Will I look back on 2016
and feel proud of the changes we made?
The goals set be accomplished,
the ways of being I am promising to myself
hold true?

Next year,
as I unpack those boxes
I so carefully put away,
how will our family look?
Jane will be two
and Claire 5.
We will be in a new routine of 
all day Kindergarten
and how knows what else.

There are so many things
about 2015 I am ready to leave behind.
I am ready for the new year,
new change and 
a new way of being for our family.
The new year also brings a new year for me in another way.
It is my birthday today,
which causes me to pause and reflect even more.
A new calendar year, a new birth year
and another chance for a new beginning.

I am so ready for you! 

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