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Two Tall Trees is a company based out of Ontario
that specializes in scented soy candles and handmade cards.
Today we are going to feature Meghan and her wonderful candles.
It is hard to find a candle that truly smells amazing,
is good for the envirnmonent and looks good on display.
My life changed when Meghan began making these candles
and met all three of my requirements.
Meghan makes these candles out of her home
-and like every mompreneur-
she finds the time to work outside of her
job, taking care of her kids and demands of home.

Meghan, mom of two, is a personal friend of mine.
Bias aside,
I can confidentially say that her candles are the best 
from East coast to West coast.
One by one I am winning my friends over
with her candles.
Any time I have one burning,
which is pretty much anytime I am home, 
I am told that the house smells amazing.
Smiling, I point at my adorable mason jar
sitting on a counter, table or shelf and 
declare the amazing Two Tall Trees candles
are to thank. 

My favourite scents are always the warm and comforting scents 
of vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, apple and pumpkin.
This leads me to purchase Meghan's candles
called Apple Butter Pumpkin Pie
and Grandma's Kitchen.
They never disappoint, any time of the year.
However, I went outside my comfort zone this year
and also added Spiced Orange to my fall collection of candles.
This one has the warm scents of this season with a citrus twist,
brightening up the aroma.

Ginger Fig is another favourite of mine.
Its scent is not overpowering,
its warm and perfect for any season.
The colour is perfect as well.

For spring and summer I absolutely love
Lemon Chiffon.
It smells like a pie!
It has made me consider a few times
how to turn it into something edible.
Coconut Lime is another great scent for summer,
taking you to a tropical destination.

No matter what scent you choose,
I can promise you that you will not be disappointed.
Check out all her choices,
as well as prices, 

Their small size, 125mL jar, are the perfect stocking stuffer!
I often keep a few candles on hand to give as hostess gifts, birthday gifts or
just because gifts.
Everyone loves a great candle!

Meghan of Two Tall Trees was kind enough to chat with Just An Ordinary Family
about her business, and what its like to be a working mom! 

JAOF: Hey Meghan! Can you tell me a bit about Two Tall Trees? Where did it start?  

TTT: Two Tall Trees is an artisan craft company, broadly speaking.  It began as a landscape photography greeting card company, I dabble a bit in portrait photography, but it's been my soy mason jar candles that have put Two Tall Trees on the map - everybody loves a good candle.

JAOF: I am a big fan of your candles. The scents are so lovely. How did you choose which scents to offer? 

TTT: I choose scents that work well with soy wax, a whole different "ball of wax" - pardon the pun - than paraffin.  I also aim to offer a quality selection of fragrances ranging from rich and cozy scents like Grandma's Kitchen and Apple Butter Pumpkin Pie, to sweet and fruity like Coconut Lime. Fresh and natural like Seaspray, warm and sensual like Cedarwood Amber to seasonal scents like Jack Frost and Christmas Tree.  Something for every type of taste and season!  I am purposeful in not offering an overabundance of scents, so as to ensure my stock is fresh and fabulous.

JAOF: Part of the reason why I love your candles so much are because they are made from soy. They smell great, last a long time and are good for the environment. Can you tell us why you chose to use a soy base for your candles?

TTT: Once you go 100% soy, you never go back.  Soy wax is made from a natural, renewable resource - supporting local farmers.  The primary ingredient in paraffin wax candles is petroleum.  Soy candles can last up to twice as long as paraffin candles - my 500mL size candle burns approximately 150 hours.  The burn on a soy candle is cleaner, producing 90% less soot than paraffin candles, and spills are easily cleaned up with hot soapy water.  Soy wax candles have a greater fragrance throw - meaning they burn at a cooler temperature than paraffin wax, which leads to burning outwards rather than tunneling down the middle of the candle.  This generates a larger liquid pool, in which scent disperses from.  Soy wax releases naturally, while paraffin wax must be blended with chemicals to release fragrances.  

JAOF: What is your vision for Two Tall Trees? Where do you want to see it go in the next few years?

TTT: On top of my small business, I am a wife, mom to 2, and work as an Autism Consultant part time.  I love the balance in my life and am content with where my business is at, but I would be lying if I said it didn't thrill me to hear of my candles traveling far and wide and people recognizing the brand more broadly.  My humble mission is to help homes smell pretty from coast to coast.  

JAOF: What would you tell someone who is wanting to launch into making their craft or hobby a business?

TTT: I would say go for it!  Making a buck while doing what you love is truly the life.  There is a shift back towards the artisan with people becoming disenfranchised with mass produced, made-in-China products.  

JAOF: Where can we purchase Two Tall Trees products?

TTT: Most orders come through my website and Facebook as I make my candles fresh to order.  However, my candles are also available at local shops in Southwestern Ontario.

Thanks for sharing 
that with our readers Meghan.
We hope that some of you who 
are considering turning your passion
or hobby into a job felt encouraged 
by what Meghan had to share about her
journey as an entrepreneur.

Meghan wants to give two lucky 
Instagram followers a candle!
To enter, 
please follow these instructions:

Two Tall Trees
on Instagram.

and browse their products.

3) Leave a comment on the contest photo with
your favourite product/scent. Tag your friend you'd like to win
along with you! 

Winner will receive a 500 mL Ginger Fig candle
and their friend will win a 250 mL Lemon Chiffon. 

Don't forget to LIKE Two Tall Trees on Facebook.

Just a reminder,
I will be working at the Two Tall Trees table
at the Shop Sweet Christmas Market
THIS Saturday!
I would love for you to stop by
so that I can meet you and
show you these candles in person!
There will be special pricing for the market as well!

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