Style Inspiration: Christmas Home Decor

The time is upon us,
I can officially decorate free of judgement.
I think all the holidays have passed 
that place strict regulations 
on when it is socially acceptable to 
dig out my Christmas bins and throw tinsel
around the house.

We still have little people in our home
that like to walk around with
So for now,
the breakables go up high
and the plastic and wood stays low. 
We only lost one tealight holder
to the fall this year.

Our tree is a big and beautiful one
that was passed down to us from my parents
who replaced their tree for a smaller version.
It is lovely,
it is full and it is large.
The decorations that adorn it
are eclectic, to say the least.

Some Baby's First Christmas
from both my husband, our kids and myself.
Some vintage crafts circa the early 1990's
that our mothers passed along to us.
We also have some beautiful pieces,
the ones that only Mommy handles and go out of reach.
There are some pieces
that hold dear memories for Spencer and I.
His, a small golden fire truck he 
picked out with his grandmother as a child.
Mine, a small porcelain puppy with a red handkerchief
that I hung on our tree as a small child.

In the evening,
I love to sit and look
at the glowing tree and think about
all the memories that go along with each ornament.
Our tree would not be displayed in a department store,
but to me it is most beautiful.

For now I save the gorgeous,
glamorous Christmas decorations for my Pinterest boards!
Here is some holiday inspiration
that I simply love.

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(via Centsational Girl)

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