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Although I have been following 
Keisha's Instagram for a while now,
it was only recently that I reached out
and contacted her.
Whether it was the honest and lovely writing
in her blog posts
 or her pretty pictures on Instagram,
there was something that attracted me to her in general.
Sometimes a fellow blogger just knows
a good thing when she sees it! 

Keisha began Loving Littles Blog
in June of 2015 when her daughter was born.
She decided to use the time during her daughter's naps to blog. 
She blogs about everything under the moon.
Whether its an awesome product she wants to share,
a style post or mom life in general,
she has a knack for writing about it.

Keisha enjoys the element of meeting 
new people through her blog.
This is also one of the most enjoyable aspects for me as well.
Getting out and connecting with other bloggers,
other moms and local entrepreneurs to chat, be inspired
and even lead into friendships.

Keisha has been with her partner for 13 years
(way to go!)
and together they have two kids.
A son and a daughter ages 7 and 1.
Her family is one of her main sources
of inspiration for her blog.
They even help her with photography
once in a while!

Keisha was kind enough to participate in a little Q&A with me
to help get to know her better.
Here are some of the silly and random questions:

1. Salty or sweet?
Sweet sweet sweet.

2. Are you in the nice list or naughty list?
Of course nice! I'm the mom!

3. Favourite family tradition?
Christmas pjs and Christmas Eve night

4. Guilty pleasure?
Trash tv! A.ka Kardashians

5. Favourite jam right now?
My family has me addicted to country right now. So different for us

6. Your go-to outfit day to day?
Jeans and a basic tee

7. How did you meet your partner? When did you know you were 'meant to be'?
I met Drew in high school while taking a drivers ed course, he turned around in his seat and he's never left me alone since. Meant to be...i guess the first love note. What 18 year guy writes mushy love notes!? mine did!

How sweet! 
Those were some great answers,
and admittedly, I enjoy watching the Kardashians 
in any capacity once in a while too! 
Quality entertainment.

If you don't follow Keisha's blog already,
You can also follow her on Instagram and Facebook.

Thanks for sharing with us Keisha!

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