Mommy Mondays: Traveling With A One Year Old

This Saturday 
the girls and I are flying to Alberta 
to visit friends.
I am SO excited.
But I am also a bit nervous to
fly with a baby who has just learned to walk.

In the past I have traveled with 
a newborn, an 8 month old,
a 2 year old and a 3 year old.
The baby stage was fine because
the flight was a nap.
The older ages
she was able to enjoy the TV.

With an active 1 year old
who has no interest in TV,
what do I do on a flight?
I don't want to be the parent that 
packs all these toys that she will
throw around the plane.
I need some ideas!
Can anyone help?

Leave a comment below 
with any ideas you have,
or your experience in flying with a 13 month old!


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  1. We just went through this flying to Disneyland last month with a very busy one year old who walks and has no interest in TV!!! I got a pill organizer and filled it with fun snacks/treats like yogurt melts, marshmallows, cereal, goldfish, pretzels, fruit snacks, etc. That kept him busy for a good while. He loved opening and closing the little compartments. I also took an old puffs container and I put tiny little toy animals in it. He loved dumping it out on the tray and then putting them back in. That was the best toy. I tied a string around a small ball and he could throw it and then we would pull it back. I brought post its and put them all over the chair in front of us and he would pull them down. He also enjoyed playing with my drink cup/straw after I quickly drank the liquid so he didn't spill it everywhere. Another thing I wish I would have brought was a full wipes container. I would have let him pull out every last wipe if it would keep him quiet!! I had emergency suckers in my bag and I did have to let him suck on one on the flight home. Good luck. I hope it is a quick flight!!


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