Happy Friday!: Links For Your Weekend

Helllllloooooo Friday!
What are you lovelies getting up to this weekend?
Parties? Pajamas? A bit of both?

Here's a public service announcement for you:
This Saturday is Halloween! 
Are you dressing up and going out?
Please save the revealing costumes
and actually dress up like some clever and cool.
Be creative sisters.
How about Rosy the Riveter?
Wonder Woman or Holly Golightly?
Anyone of those is a better choice than
a sexy nurse/pirate/french maid.
Stay away from the misogynistic stereotypes 
that women have tried to overcome for decades.

Tonight is girls night.
My dear friend has been in Haiti the last three weeks,
and really, do we need an excuse to get together?
There will be wine and girl talk, its going to be a great night.

This weekend Claire and I are going to the movie theatre
for a date.
Then we are going trick-or-treating! 
Claire will be Princess Anna 
(from Disney's Frozen, in case you've been hiding under a rock)
and Jane will be a pumpkin.
At Harvest Festival on Tuesday. Claire was Queen Elsa and Jane was Minnie Mouse.

Sunday we are going to relax and most likely watch a sport of some kind.
Football or baseball.
Have you been keeping up with the World Series?

Whatever you get up to, here are some fun links to kick off your weekend!

1. Hotline Bean, it had me in stitches! 

2. Phil Collins is coming out of retirement!

3. Royals' pitcher Edinson Volquez pitched game after his father's death. So sad. 

4. Red meat causes cancer. The internet is all abuzz about it. Have you read this? A different perspective.

5. I absolutely love this new commercial, Imagine the Possibilities, by Barbie Mattel. 

6. Two new things that I got today that I think you should buy too! Victoria Secret bralette and the Smashbox contouring kit

7. Unrealistic Stock Photos of Parenting With Hilarious, More Relatable Captions 

8. Have you seen Brian Gordon's hilarious comics? He takes true-to-life scenarios living with kids and makes them hilarious. 

9. Last week I wrote about the hilarity of Honest Toddler. This week I bring you Halloween With A Toddler Fact vs. Fiction, but the Honest Toddler

10. And finally - the time change happens this weekend. Which means nothing to me.

Have a great weekend!

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