Binge-watch Is A Verb

One of the perks of being married
is having someone to hang out with on the week nights.
Okay its obviously not the only perk,
but even though it may be lame its still a perk! 

One of my favourite things to do
after we put the kids to bed
is to change into my pajamas and slippers
and curl up on the couch next to Spencer.
We watch mindless TV and binge-watch series.
Binge-watch is a word, by the way. 
Check it out on Urban Dictionary.

Our current addiction is watching Entourage.
The movie came out in September,
so we decided we needed to watch
all of the episodes before we watched the movie.
Logical, right?

Sometimes we talk throughout it,
sometimes we sit in silence.
What I love is just being with him.
Having the no pressure company
of him there beside me.
Someone to lean on 
or to keep my toes warm on these chilly nights.

Recently I saw this card by the Hipster Housewife on etsy.

So incredibly fitting, isn't it?

What shows have you binge-watched on Netflix?
Some of our favourites have been 
the Office, Sherlock, Homeland, Suits and Arrested Development.
(Just to name a few!)

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