Happy Friday!

(courtesy of rebelcircus.com)

Happy Friday everyone!
What are your plans for the weekend?
Tomorrow the girls and I leave
for a little vacation in Edmonton.
We are visiting friends there.
We haven't seen them since Easter.
This a long overdue visit! 

Whatever you get up to,
I hope you have a great weekend.
Stay safe, have fun!

Here are some links from
around the web!

1. Do you have a toddler? Well here is 10 Things Your Toddler Wants You To Know

2. Whaaaat?! This is so cool! A fast and effective way to peel potatoes.Have you seen this before? 

3. This bath toy is going under the Christmas tree.

4. Did you see this Ikea commercial last year? Its circulating again and is a great reminder. 

5. Love this and this! So pretty, so breakable.

6. On December 5th I am going to be manning the Two Tall Trees booth at the Shop Sweet Christmas Market! Come by and say hello, details on their Facebook page. 

7. This post by Money Saving Sisters definitely got my wheels turning. Definitely worth the consideration. We also do a gift from Santa, so there would be 5 in total. Would you do this?

8. Honestly, this pillow really speaks to me. Add this throw and a pot of tea and I'm set for the holiday season! 

9. Check out this amazing time lapse video of the Milky Way and Northern Lights. 

10. And finally, saving the best for last. Ellen parodies Hello by Adele, Hello by Lionel Richie and Hotline Bling by Drake, in one epic phone call. Check it out, and have a great weekend everybody! 


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