Polishing Me New

A few weeks ago
I dug out my old antique tea set,
in preparation for my daughter's first birthday party. 
The tea set was a wedding gift to my parents in 1984.
It was passed down to me from my mom.

When I pulled it down off the shelf
I saw that it was well tarnished. 
I knew it would be,
but it still left me feeling discouraged
at the work that was ahead of me.

Gathering my polish and rags,
I took the set out to the front step.
I dipped the rag into the polish
and began working away.
Using small circles, making my way
over the tarnish.
Watching it go from
dingy and gray,
 into a beautiful shiny silver.
Some spots were harder than others;
I had to use more effort to work out those spots.

In the end,
my old tarnished tea set 
was like new again.
As if the 32 years 
before never existed. 
It sparkled and shined.

It got me thinking - 
 I am so much like this old tea set.
Tarnished, damaged, 
in need of help.
Our Heavenly Father
sits down and polishes me new again.
Taking care to gently work away
all my tarnished bits.
Taking extra effort to work away
the chronic problem areas
that I won't give up easily. 

When He is done,
I am shiny and new in His eyes yet again.
That every single day,
I wake up and am given a fresh new start.
That in His eyes,
the sins of yesterday
have been polished away.
There is no sign of the years
of 'tarnish' before. 

It took hard of work
to get into all those crevices and small parts
to get out all the grime.
When I saw just how tarnished that set was,
I sighed,
anticipating a big job ahead.

 God does this for me everyday.
I am sure that several times a day
He looks at me shaking His head,
anticipating how much
He will need to wipe clean

Again and again and again.

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