Mommy Mondays: Mommy Style

There is a joke that the mother uniform
is a pair of yoga pants and t shirt.
Well yes, it is definitely the most comfortable
and probably most practical outfit 
for chasing toddlers and changing babies.
It certainly isn't the most fashionable.

Believe me,
I definitely have days
where I am at home doing chores
and I don't care one bit how I look.
I am all about comfort.

sometimes I find I get stuck in a rut.
I have little energy to put into how I look
and it loses priority. 
One of my goals
for this year was to learn 
how to take better care of myself,
and this falls under that category.

I certainly don't do it well.
There are many days where I fall into that rut again.
This I can tell you - I am trying.
Each day I try to do at least a bit of make up,
put on clothes that are comfortable and cute
and look presentable.

The hard part for me is make up. 
The balance between wearing make up
because it makes me feel better
and teaching my daughter that I need it to feel better.
I want to show her that I can think I am beautiful without it.
I want to teach her that it isn't needed to feel beautiful.

Right now we talk about make up as being fun.
It is fun to put on fancy dresses,
do our hair and wear make up.
Sometimes it makes our already pretty selves even prettier, 
highlighting our best features.
Admittedly, this is a struggle for me.

Jennifer Garner has spoken before
about limiting her make up
for the sake of her daughters.
This intrigued me and always stuck with me,
especially now that I have two girls of my own.
Where is the balance between relying on it
and using it to help us feel beautiful and confident?
What are you thoughts?

I like to simply put on a lotion with SPF,
fill in my brows and apply a couple coast of mascara.
To me, that helps me feel awake and comfortable. 
Sometimes, when I have the extra time (ha!),
I like to play around with make up and try different things. 

Regardless of how much make up I put on,
I always feel a bit better when I take an extra couple of minutes
to choose an outfit and try a little bit harder.
I don't have that feeling when I go out
like I'd be embarrassed to I run into someone I know.
Which in this small town is inevitable. 

Here are a few pieces to help tie together a look
that is simple and comfortable for any mom.

1. A good lotion with SPF.
It really doesn't matter what lotion it is, just make sure it has a high enough SPF.

(image via Mari Claire UK, their recommendations here.) 

2. Basic t-shirts, in a few solid colours. 
These are great for layering, and in basic colours like black and white, they are versatile and go with anything. I like the ones from Old Navy because they are inexpensive. I don't cry when my kids spit up on them, rip them or generally destroy them. They are replaceable and comfortable.

3. Camisoles
Again in basic colours. I like them for layering as well, under a sheer top, or just for some added warmth. I used them especially while breast feeding because I could lift up my top without exposing my midsection. 

4. A pair of comfortable and versatile jeans. 
I am in love with my boyfriend jeans and went through a phase where I wore them way too often. They are definitely casual, however they can be played up a bit with a nicer top and cute shoes. A juxtapose between ultra feminine and very casual. Dark wash skinny jeans are great as well, especially when worn with boots.

(via Google images)

5. A cardigan or wrap sweater
Again, layers. Typically I aim for the three c's -comfy, cozy and cute. There are some adorable styles out there right now, the Aztec print being a big one. 

(image via polyvore.com

6. A really good mascara
'Nuff said.

7. A pop of lip colour. 
It is amazing how a touch of lipstick can transform an outfit! My favourite colour is Hot Tahiti by MAC.

(via mylittlemakeup.com)

8. Comfortable footwear.
Yes, comfortable. As a mom I can't explain how hard it is to run after your toddler in heels. Or tread through a sea of tiny pebbles at the playground in wedge sandals. Shoes can definitely be cute, but practical and comfortable has taken top priority in the shoe department. I will still bring out the heels for a special occasion.
For everyday wear I love my Keds. I slip them on and am out the door. I can go for a long walk, ride my bike and stroll through the mall without wearing my running shoes. 
For the fall and winter, I really love my boots and booties. I have two pairs of tall boots in black and brown that are flat. I also have a pair of brown ankle boots in a tan colour, with about a half inch heel. They are really cute and dress up my outfit a bit, but I can still play with my kids in them. 

9. A good bra.
Those babies need support. 

10. A pair of earrings. 
I am rarely seen without a pair of earrings. A tiny drop or studs are my favourite for everyday wear. They just add a touch of femininity to any outfit. These ones by Stella and Dot are my current favourite and can be worn two ways. 

There you have it!
My list of simple ways to
go from frumpy mommy
to stylin' mommy.

Which ways do you add a little something
special to your outfit that help make you
feel beautiful? 
Comment below, I'd love to hear! 


  1. I love (and do) most of these tips. For make up I learned about concealer after baby #2../it is a lifeline now for those dark circles. Now that my kids are a bit bigger I love a nice necklace or bracelet when I am going out, along with my earri ngs

  2. I love (and do) most of these tips. For make up I learned about concealer after baby #2../it is a lifeline now for those dark circles. Now that my kids are a bit bigger I love a nice necklace or bracelet when I am going out, along with my earri ngs


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