Links For Your Weekend

What are your plans for the weekend?
We are laying low this evening.
Tomorrow I am spending the night in Vancouver 
to celebrate a friends 29th birthday.
It will be my first night away from Jane.
I know I'll miss the girls, 
but I am so excited for a good old fashioned slumber party!
On Sunday we will be reunited with our friends and their son
who have been living in the Philippines for the past two years.
The day can't come soon enough, 
I am so excited to see them and have them meet Jane.

Reading bed time stories to my daughter and her friend.

Here are some fun links from around the web to kick off your weekend:

1. We are in between the stage of toddlerhood right now, having a preschooler and a baby. However I know it won't be long before we are thrown into it once more. For now, I enjoyed laughing at the 50 Reasons Why You're Toddler Could Be Awake Right Now, but in the near future I will probably cry when I read these truths. 

2. Did you read my essay on the Good Mother Project? It will be published again here at a later time. 

3. Do you follow Honest Toddler? You can follow the Honest Toddler on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Laughs on the daily. This one made me think of my Mommy Mondays post this week! 

4. This little girl was crushed when she found out that Adam Levine was married. The video is pretty cute! 

5. These celebrities are made over into Disney characters. The results are pretty magical! 

6. Recently I discovered Amy Poehler's Smart Girls and I am in love. I completely support what they are about. 

7. Oh my goodness, this hits too close to home. 

9. On Saturday Spencer and I went on a date. We cheered on the UBC Thunderbirds as they destroyed the UofA. Then we went for dinner at the Mackenzie Room. A new restaurant that opened this summer. The owners also just welcomed twins to the world! They are a power house couple, that is for sure. The food was amazing and the cocktails divine. Their menu changes daily and is written on a giant chalkboard on the wall. 

10. Netflix has something amazing up their sleeve! Rumours have it that they are making a Netflix Original Season 8 of Gilmore Girls! It is no secret that I love this show, so naturally I am hoping it is true. They are also making House Fuller, an updated version of the childhood classic Full House. Good things are happening in television.

Whatever it is you get up to this weekend,
I hope that you are safe and have fun!


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