Hello lovelies!
What are you up to this weekend? 
Any exciting plans? 

It is supposed to be nice here this weekend,
which I am excited for!
We are having my daughters first birthday party
this Sunday and I was hoping for it to be outside.
The theme is vintage garden party. 
I can't believe we are celebrating her first already.

Here are some fun links from around the web for your Friday!
Have a good one!

1. Two of my favourite people in a lip sync battle

2. Socality Barbie. Enough entertainment for the whole weekend.

3.In honour of regular NFL season starting last night -  NFL stars read their own Superlatives.

4. These came out on Monday, have you had one yet? You could always try to make them at home. Here's a recipe you could try. (I haven't yet.) 

5. Just bought my first pair of ankle booties, and I am in love! Are you on board yet? Pair them with boyfriend jeans and a slouchy plaid shirt. 

6. Okay, I don't get this. Caitlyn Jenner takes her stance on gay marriage on Ellen DeGeneres' show

7. Claire starts preschool next week! I am trying to decide if, and how, I take a back to school photo on her first day. I kind of feel like if I do it, I'll have to keep doing it. And I am not sure I want that kind of pressure! I saw some adorable ideas on Facebook this week. I kind of like this one in particular. 

8. Here is an amazing recipe for you! Ree Drummond (the Pioneer Woman) has an amazing meatloaf recipe, frankly called My Favorite Meatloaf. I made it, adding my own twist okay, and it has also become my favourite meatloaf! 

9. Love these amazing wrap swimsuits

10. Beautiful post I read today - I AM MY RESPONSE.

My favourite autumn movie,
When Harry Met Sally

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