My Ipsy Bag and the Perfect Polish

Back in the winter I was feeling frustrated
with my constant purchasing of make up.
It seemed like something was always running out,
and I was always having to make a new decision
on which product was the best.

Buying make up is something I am not into.
I couldn't find a liquid foundation that would stay on my face.
My eyeliner was running under my eyes.
I am to timid to branch out and explore
different lip and eye colours.
There are too many choices
and I don't like spending money on something that
I am not certain is a good purchase.

Every day I have the same make up routine.
It rarely varies, unless I am going out for a special occasion.
In the summer, I generally skip putting anything on my face
besides a daily moisturizer with SPF.
I keep it my make up routine pretty basic and straight forward.
Eyebrows, eyes and cheeks.

Once I found out about Ipsy,
I knew it would be something I would be interested in.
It completely took away the annoyance of
deciding on which product to choose.
Plus, I get to look forward to a fun
bright pink package in my mailbox once a month
filled with make up goodies.

When you sign up online
you choose which products and brands
interest you.
You also choose a style and what your tones and colours are.
For instance,
I chose a more natural style,
told them that I am a brunette with blue eyes and an olive skin tone.
Each month the products they send me
 are the shades which would compliment me best.

I have been subscribing to Ipsy for the last 6 months,
and in that time I have received only two, maybe three,
products I haven't been fond of.
Sometimes the product is a full size item,
and sometimes they are sample size.
My favourite items have been a sample of perfume,
a gel nail polish that lasts a seriously long time
and an eyebrow pencil.

If you are a lover of make up,
or like me enjoy wearing make up and don't like picking it out,
I would highly recommend subscribing to Ipsy.
The cost is $10 per month in the United States
and $15 a month in Canada.

If you are interested,
just click here to get started!

(images from ipsy.com)

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