Links For Your Weekend

This past week 
was a bit crazy and a lot of fun.
We returned home from camping
with enough laundry to keep me busy for the rest of the week.
Camping is fun,
but oh the laundry.

Tuesday the girls and I headed out to Vancouver.
one of my favourite children's clothing shops,
was having a pop up shop in Vancouver.
My friend Danielle,
who introduced me to Wheat,
met me there with her girls. 
We shopped for back to school clothes
and each of the girls picked out an outfit that they wore out of the store.

It was really fun to meet Katherine and her husband in person.
Then we went for lunch at Bestie.
Danielle and I each tried the Chinese 5 Spice Duck bratwurst. 
They ventured on with their day and us with ours.

It was so fun to kind of go about our day with no real agenda.
Vancouver is one of my favourite places to be on a gorgeous sunny day.
We went to Emery Barnes Park,
then made our way to Kitsilano Beach.
We walked from the beach to West 4th and back to the beach
where we played, splashed and built sand castles.
Then we went back to East Van to make a loop
and had dinner at Tacofino
Such a fun day with my girls.
They were both so easy going and happy.

I had a moment standing on the beach,
breeze blowing my hair, sun on my face;
I felt so blessed.
I don't want to sound cliche,
but I really did.
My girls were playing in the water,
the sun was shining and I was standing with my feet in the sea
 feeling so grateful for this life. 
It was a perfect day.

Wednesday was a quiet day at home,
a perfect balance.
Jane woke up with a yukky green snot-nose and
we just parked it indoors catching up on cartoons and laundry.
The weather was cool and rainy.
Thursday Claire and I both had dentist appointments.
It has been a great week.

What did you guys do this week? 
How did you unwind after the long weekend?
Was it back to work,
or did you try and stretch the extra Monday 
into an extra Tuesday too?

Here are some fun links for you from around the web! 

- Our guest post over at Thinking Outside the Pot

- This lipstick shade by melted is one of the top colours for summer

- Loving the look of this Kate Spade planner for 2016 

- Adding Earnest Ice Cream to my summer list. London Fog intrigues me! 

- Starting to think about planning a first birthday party for Jane. (Where did that year go?) 

- Celebrating with Codi Lynn over at Creative Wife & Joyful Worker as she relaunches her blog! 

- Have you been to the Fairy Forest? If weather permits we are heading there today! 

Happy Friday everyone!
Hope your weekend is great.
Hip hip hooray for a short week!

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