Claire's Birthday

This is about a month over due!
I can't believe Claire is
officially 4 years old.
Tonight I was filling out her preschool forms
and I couldn't help the tears from springing forward.
Where does the time go?
Can someone please figure that out for me?

For Claire's birthday
she had decided months before
that she wanted to go camping with her friend Maddie.
So that's what we did!

We booked a site at Cultus Lake,
the same campground I went to when I was a kid.
What a beautiful part of the world.

My uncle and aunt have a cabin
about a two minute walk from our camp site.
It was so nice to spend the weekend with them.
It reminded me how important family is.
We spent time with them at their cabin,
and they would walk their dogs to our campsite.
We participated in the regatta weekend events
with their neighbours, including a parade. 
We went out on their boat a couple of times
and Claire and Spencer even went tubing.
Our little adventure seeker absolutely loved tubing.

We had my grandparents, my mom,
my brother, sister-in-law and nephew come one
day for a beach day and wiener roast.
The next day Spencer's parents came 
as well as some of our friends, including Maddie!
We spent the day at the beach and on the water.
Had a pot luck dinner and some sparklers to complete the birthday weekend.

Claire had such a great weekend,
I am so glad.
She declared she wants to do this for her
birthday every year and I am fine with that plan.

Starting the day with cupcakes at Super Pake and G.G.'s house.

A birthday song and sundae from Red Robin.

 A water fight with her new water gun from great grandma and great grandpa.

  ( next 3 photos from Diane)

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