A Day Spent with Family

Last weekend 
we had the privilege of hanging out with my family.
My grandma,
my aunts, uncles and cousins
were all able to be together and spend the afternoon at the beach.

We enjoyed each others company,
the sunshine,
baby kisses, 
trying new things like paddle boards and shaved ice.

Sometimes we allow months to go by
without seeing one another.
Time gets away on us too quickly.
I need to a better job
of not letting that happen!
We are a small clan
and its still relatively easy to gather in one place.

“I think togetherness is a very important ingredient to family life.”– Barbara Bush

Sophie, Ethan and Claire.
Catching jellyfish and trying new water sports. 

Auntie Barb and Jane.

My grandma and cousin Adelai keeping cool under the umbrella.

Ethan entertaining Jane in the swing.

The baby whisperer

Jane loved Jacob the dog.

“A happy family is but an earlier heaven.”– John Bowring

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  1. I love this post Michelle. Family is a wonderful blessing and you captured that with your photos and words.


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