Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day!
I am so blessed to have an abundance of great dads in my life.
There's my own dad,
who made me. 
There's my father-in-law,
who made my husband.
And there's my husband,
the father to my girls.
Hashtag blessed, am I right?

Memories I have with my dad
 are playing basketball at dusk,
hoping to win at 21.
Dancing and singing,
Sitting on him with my brother
watching the Canucks go all the way
to the Stanley Cup finals in '94.
Waking us up after we've already gone to bed
to watch the Muppets Christmas on TV.
Playing Kick the Can,
and road trips.

My dad and I

My father-in-law is a constant 
source of support. 
Almost every day Spencer is on the phone
with his dad asking for his advice. 
As we enter this new phase of life
of becoming parents, home owners and running our own business,
I am so thankful that we have him.

Howard and Spencer sharing a marshmallow

My girls are so in love with our parents. 
They get so excited when they get to go exploring with Baba,
or go to Papa's job site.
Claire thinks it is great that Papa will have a tea/coffee party with her,
and loves to wrestle with my dad.
It is so fun for Spencer and I to see the mutual love and admiration.

Dads are an integral part of any little girls life.
They give a foundation of feeling loved,
secure and safe.
I am incredibly thankful that was the upbringing I had.
Now I get to watch my husband
be the best dad to our two little girls.
I love watching them together.
Playing, wrestling,
getting his toe nails painted.
He gives them a sense of adventure in the mundane chores.
He gives them the best hugs (I know because I have been a recipient of his hugs).
He brushes Claire's hair and puts it in an Elsa braid.
He changes diapers, wipes faces and is involved in every aspect.

Father's Day can bring mixed emotions.
Some people lost their dad too soon. 
I have three friends spring to mind right away who lost their fathers at a young age.
Some dads left, or have been absent.
Whatever the case may be,
while the day is for celebrating amazing dads,
it can also be a time of hurt.

Whatever your situations is,
I want to encourage you by 
telling you that there is a Heavenly Father
who wants a relationship with you.
You have a Father
who loves you, takes care of you,
watches over you.
He knows you better than anyone here.
You are a son or daughter of the King!

Happy Father's Day dads!

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  1. What a nice tribute to the dad's in your life with a lovely message for us all at the end. <3


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