Easter Weekend

Yes, I realize Easter weekend was months ago.
This post has been on my mind,
but I have had some other exciting posts that this one took the back burner.
Now the baby is napping and Claire is busy with play doh, 
I thought I could sit down and finally formulate
my thoughts and pictures from that weekend.

We met our friends from Portland at our cabin in Sun Peaks, BC.
There were 6 adults, 3 dads and 3 moms,
and 6 girls aged 3 and under. 
Our Claire was the oldest and our Jane was the youngest. 
It sounds insane, right?

Waiting patiently for our friends to arrive.

That is what we were expecting too - complete insanity.
Although there were plenty of shrieks and giggles,
it was actually a very relaxing weekend.
It was much easier parenting with all the extra eyes and hands.
The older girls are all at an age where they play so well together,
and we all have easy going babies.
It made for a very fun and tantrum-free 
(well, almost) weekend! 
We were armed with craft kits,
stickers, bubbles and baking. 
We enjoyed our time together so much.

It had been a very long time,
since we left Portland back in 2013, that we had all been together. 
Our friend Melanie, who also went to school with our husbands and lives in Kamloops,
came up for an evening as well.
Although I don't understand all of the chiropractic jargon,
it filled my heart with joy knowing that
Spencer was in his element discussing his profession with his friends.

The weekend was a balance of doing fun stuff like going for hot cocoa,
campfires, hot tubbing and extreme trampolining.
And sitting around drinking coffee, visiting and cooking together.
We all left feeling like we had our fill and rejuvenated from being with such good friends. 

The weekend was a perfect mix of down time and adventure.
Lola and Claire snuggled in bed watching a movie and fell asleep together one afternoon.
Another time the girls went to the park.
We had an Easter Egg hunt and they went extreme trampolining.


Is there anything cuter than dads reading to kids?

Isn't it amazing how much you can love someone else's kids?
I am so blessed to be a pseudo auntie to these four girls.
They fill my heart with joy.

Of course, we had to go for the world famous
(okay, Sun Peaks famous) hot cocoa!

That weekend was so much fun!
I am really looking forward for us to all be together again.

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