Women In Business: Frou Frou and Frill

Are you tired of building your accessory
stockpile and paying big bucks for each piece?
Frou Frou and Frill thought the same thing.
Founder and owner Jocelin
created Frou Frou and Frill
so that it wouldn't cost an arm and a leg
to accessorize with the trendiest pieces.

Read on below to find out 
what encouraged her to start her own business.

Just An Ordinary Family: What inspired you to start Frou Frou & Frill and how did it come to be?
Frou Frou & Frill: Frou Frou & Frill is an online women’s accessories boutique that sources the most dazzling, trendiest items at the most affordable prices. It’s a woman’s source to finding stylish “in” pieces that she’ll feel beautiful wearing while spending very little. Because of our affordable price point, customers can purchase several accessories to fit their ever-changing styles and moods. I’m the girl who loves to have a huge variety in my collection and one who always wants to have the trendiest, latest pieces of jewelry. I realized that while I love jewelry, it was foolish of me to spend upwards of $60 on one single accessory. Styles come and go so quickly that it becomes almost prohibitively expensive for most women to constantly keep up with the latest trends. I actually found myself wearing those expensive pieces only a few times before they were no longer ‘in’, and then I’d move on to the next round of trendy necklaces, bracelets and earrings. I needed to find a method to be fashionable in an economical way.  My passion drove me to provide a way for women to feel good about themselves wearing stylish, beautiful jewelry at affordable prices. My line of jewelry is affordable, ranging between $8-20, and we offer free shipping to the USA on all products.

JAOF: Where is the name Frou Frou and Frill from?
FFF: Frou Frou & Frill is about embellishing a woman’s everyday look with pretty accessories that she’ll feel beautiful and confident wearing. We thought the name Frou Frou & Frill was fitting to our purpose. It’s about having fun and not being too serious, so that’s why our logo has a whimsical feel to it. And as for the color hot pink, besides the fact that it’s our favorite color, it also stands for being passionate, playful and charming. Traits that we admire in a woman

JAOF: Where are you based out of, and how do you run your shop?
FFF: We are based out of the US and operate strictly online. Without a traditional storefront, we were able to save significant start-up costs, as well as ongoing costs associated with operating a physical store. We are able to pass on sizable savings to our customers, thereby offering lower prices for our accessories.

JAOF: As your own boss, how do you stay motivated and stay on track? 
FFF: I LOVE operating my own accessories company. I enjoy sourcing jewelry, holding it in my hands and admiring its design, inspecting it for quality, and packaging it for my customers. My customers also keep me motivated when they send me photos of themselves wearing Frou Frou & Frill jewelry, or email me kind, complimentary notes. It’s so much fun that it doesn't even feel like much work!

JAOF: What kinds of goals do you set for yourself and for your company?
FFF: We set goals to broaden and diversify our product line. For example, we just added handmade, sequin hangers and monogrammed decals to our product offerings and will soon be adding monogrammed koozies. In addition to accessories, we like other fun stuff and so do our customers! We also set monthly goals to increase our reach on Instagram and Facebook.

JAOF: Who inspires you in your work?
FFF: I draw inspiration from everywhere, really. But nature, new places, boutique owners, fellow entrepreneurs, bloggers and stylists are my main sources of inspiration.

JAOF: Where did you work before Frou Frou and Frill?
FFF: I’m currently a full-time copywriter in addition to owning and operating Frou Frou & Frill.

JAOF: How do you balance home life and work life?
FFF: I wish I had a secret formula to this, but I don’t. All I can say is that when I’m at work, my focus is on work. When I’m at home, I try to forget about work, which isn't always easy. I allow myself the leeway to make exceptions when necessary.  

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You can reach Frou Frou & Frill by:

email: sales@froufrouandfrill.com

Facebook: Frou Frou & Frill

Instagram: @froufrouandfrill

Pinterest: @froufroufrill

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