Jane: 7 months


On April 18th
Jane became 7 months old.
This month I am determined to have her photos
posted near the actual date she becomes a month older!
Here we are three weeks later and just showing you her 7 month photos.

 Jane is still our serious, calm and sweet baby.
However, she is starting to fight for her rights.
She is fighting nap times,
doesn't give up toys as easily
and will give her older sister a whap when she needs to defend herself.

She is so cuddly.
One of her favourite games to play
is when we say,
"Aw, snuggles!"
She will rest her head on our chest or shoulder with a big smile.
It isn't unusual for her to lay contently in someone's arms
or rest her head on my shoulder.

Jane's relationship with her older sister is really sweet.
She will reach out to touch Claire
and see what response she gets.
Usually its an over abundance of hugs and kisses.
Soon she is trying to get away!
They are starting to play together,
which delights my heart.

Jane's face is starting to change shape. 
She is getting deliciously chubby,
with a round face and chubby cheeks.
She is the spitting image of her daddy as a baby.
She still has two teeth,
and seems to be working on a third.
Although there isn't any sign of it yet.

Some of Jane's favourite things are:
-eating solids, especially mango, banana and mum mums
-being outside
-her jumperoo and jolly jumper
-being carried in the wrap or carrier
-playing peek-a-boo

(The photo on the left is one of my favourite faces of hers!)

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