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Last year my dear friend introduced me 
to one of her favourite clothing brands, Wheat Canada.
After browsing their website I fell in love.

Their simple yet whimsical style is exactly what I love.
Their colours are soft and have a feminine touch.
The boys clothes are simple yet boyish in a very sweet way.
Their design is impeccable.

But would they hold up to being worn for play?
Sure they look cute, but will my preschooler who insists on wearing dress up clothes,
actually choose to wear these clothes too? 
Could we actually agree on the same clothes suitable to be in public?
It seemed too good to be true.

Jane wearing the Dots sun hat in mint.

After placing my first order I
waited patiently for my package to arrive.
I was so excited to pour over its contents.
I had chosen matching Powder Tulle skirts for the girls,
matching Aretha dresses,
some basic long sleeve tees for Claire,
among other things for both the girls.
The colours were beautiful.
Now for the test of my preschooler.

After 3 months I am so pleased 
that she wears her Wheat clothes all the time!
The skirts are always the first things she pulls out of her drawer
paired with one of the basic tees.
She is a girly girl that loves to play rough
and the clothes meet both of her needs.
She can be rough and tumble in a skirt or a dress
and we haven't needed to make any repairs.

Claire wearing basic long sleeve tee and trousers. 

Some of my personal favourites are the basic tees 
and cardigans for everyday wear. 
The skirts and dresses are sweet as well.
Their sun hats give good coverage and look absolutely darling.

They also do surprise bundles! 
That was a super fun shop.
All I did was send them my girls' sizes and their gender
and whether I wanted the $50 bundle or the $100 bundle
and they put together items for us out of their Spring/Summer collection.
Make sure you follow them on Facebook and Instagram for their next bundle.

At the beginning of March we had amazing weather.
It was around 13-17 degrees and we were outside constantly. 
One Saturday after Spencer was done work
we packed a picnic and went to explore a new adventure park near us.
Claire had chosen to wear her Wheat Clothing, so I put on Jane's Wheat Sun Hat and t shirt
and brought my camera along for some fun photos.

They turned out so great.
Claire played so hard and although she got dirty,
the clothes weren't damaged at all.
If you are a mom,
you know that this means business.
Cute, affordable and can handle the wear of a child!

Wheat Canada has so kindly offered 
one of our lucky readers a $30 gift card to put towards 
their clothing and accessories.
Claire wearing the Ice Lolly t-shirt and Tulle Skirt in neon yellow.

To enter to win
 leave a comment on the blog with your email address 
and tell us your favourite item on Wheat Canada! 

For extra entries like Just An Ordinary Family on Facebook
and follow @just.an.ordinary.family on Instagram,
leave a comment tagging friends on the post photo on our Instagram account. 

Good luck!

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{all photos belong to me and cannot be used without my permission}


  1. I love all the boy stuff (for my boys)! Especially the baby boy jumpsuits. So cute!


  2. Great post Michelle! I love your girls and these photos are beautiful.


  3. I love the boys Sweat Hood Mouse World

  4. I love their boys tops, I'm curious to see how the boys pants hold up since my little guy is a crawler....


  5. Their tutus are my favorite! They are far better quality than your regular tutu. 😊


  6. We love the leggings from Wheat, my daughter has giraffe legs and a tiny waist. Any store bought leggings are either too short or baggy in the bum for the size she needs. Wheat fit nice and slim but very comfy and have nice stretch. Love the boys stuff too for both my baby guy and 3 year old guy!


  7. So nice! The the rain jackets. Chantalwiggins@gmail.com

  8. I have never heard of WhEat Canada! Love all the dresses! Beautiful photos Of your girls. Xo Mika_melissa@hotmail.com

  9. I quite like the silver Dress Vega. mo.shuell @ yahoo . ca

  10. I love the sun hats!


  11. I like the trousers!


  12. I really love the basics series for both boys and girls. SO great to mix and match and they go with the more colourful items in their closets.


  13. S would FLIP for that tulle skirt!

  14. I'm torn, because the basic tshirts and long sleeves are the perfect staple in a wardrobe, and it's tough to find plain tops for kids. But the tulle skirts look like a little girl's dream!



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