In Review: Buttons Diapers

When we had our first baby
we decided to use cloth diapers for a variety of reasons.
After much consideration,
being overwhelmed with options,
we went with gDiapers.
Mainly because they made sense to me and 
they were manufactured in Portland where we were living at the time.

Since then I have been on the gDiaper bandwagon
and wouldn't be swayed off of it.
Friends would rave about their diaper of choice and I stood firmly by mine.

I put Button Diapers on my second born.
My dear friend uses them on her babes
and she kept telling me how much I'd like them.
I nodded and smiled,
not wanting to make another investment on more
cloth diapers and happy in my gBubble.

Then one day she brought some over and put them on my baby.
And that was when I fell in love.
They are so easy to use,
come in great colour and pattern choices,
and the liners are so soft.
My babe loved them and so did I.

{Photos belong to Just An Ordinary Family. Please do not duplicate or use without permission.}

Soon after I went online to check out their prices.
I was so pleased to discover that they are incredibly affordable.
How refreshing!
Finally cloth diapers that don't break the bank.
Soon my shopping cart was stocked with some essentials.

Once they arrived in the mail I immediately 
through them in the wash to start using them.
The are easy to soak, wash and dry.
Low maintenance, my kinda laundry.
My youngest is the only one in diapers
and she seemed pleased.

She didn't even soak through during her two hour nap.
The size is one fits all without being big and bulky.
She can still wear the right sized clothes over top.
One of the bonuses about using cloth diapers 
is that babies don't get diaper rash,
and these soft inserts are perfect for protecting
their adorable tushy. 

All it took was 5 minutes to sell me on the product.
For a mom buying essentials for her precious baby,
I think that says enough.

Check out their website (and see our Jane in pink!) at buttonsdiaper.com
If you're unsure about making the leap
you can order a Trial Pack.

If you have any questions about Buttons Diapers, or cloth diapering in general,
feel free to leave a comment!

{images by Michelle Cervo Photography. Do not duplicate or use images without permission from photographer first.}

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