The Zombie Mom is back in full force.
I'm not sure if the adrenaline of having a little baby
has completely worn off or if I really am sleeping less.
My suspicion is that it is a combination of both.

Forgive me for the lack of blog posts.
I have wanted to and I have so many ideas swirling around!
Some fun things coming your way.
Right now I just need to catch some z's when I can,
keep up with the house and also play with these girls!

There has been so much talk about Claire
heading into preschool this September.
I didn't realize registration is largely in January,
so I need to make a decision quickly. 
When I think about her being gone for so much of the day 
it makes me sad.
I am really going to miss her!
She is so excited to go.
Always chatting about school and her homework
and asking when she can go.
She is more than ready and I have a mere 7 and a half months to prepare myself.
On the other hand it will be great to have some one to one time with Jane.

What did you do when your eldest went off to school?

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