Kick Off!

Kick off day...
and I am in no way referring to the Super Bowl.
Football analogies come naturally to me, what can I say? 

For about 6 years I have been wanting to blog
more than just photos of my family.
It is so fun to have this space to share my random
musings and pictures to share with family and friends.
Yet I always yearned for it to be more.
The blogging world is changing so fast
and I was quickly falling behind.

Inspired by a few girls I know
who just jump right in and give it a try,
I decided to do it too.
After reflecting on why it has taken me so long
to actual make this become something more
I realized I am afraid of failing.
I am afraid of putting my dreams out there,
admitting what they are
and I am afraid of it falling on its so-called face.

In a year from now
I would hate for people to say,
"Whatever happened to that blog you were going to do?"
But I can't let that keep me from doing what I want.
I love to be creative in many ways,
and I want this blog to be an outlet for that.
Even blogging in itself is a fun creative outlet for me.
The writing, the taking pictures and sharing them
and sharing recipes I have tried and even created. 

So here it goes.
Family, friends,
here begins the transformation of this blog
into more than it has been.
It will still be a place for me to share photos of my adorable girls 
and our adventures we get up to,
but I am hoping to share more with you too.

To kick off the new blog,
I am inviting you to go to my page on Facebook and Like it.
You will find it by the same title as the blog.
Once it reaches 100 likes I am going to give away a Starbucks gift card.
I also have an Instagram account by the same name,
feel free to follow me there. 
And please, share the news (and the blog.)


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