4 Months

 Our  Jane turned four months old on Sunday. 
Four months! 
Where has the time gone?

Is it just me
or does time go faster with the second one?
It seems like all these milestones are just clipping by.
She has found her feet, holds her toys decently well,
puts everything in her mouth, gives a good chuckle,
talks and sings to us and can now roll over.
All of that in the past month.
She has been a bit more cranky than usual
but with all these developmental growth spurts,
plus cutting one or two teeth, 
it isn't surprising.

She is still so content, so serious,
is easy to smile and if she does cry it is generally easy to fix.
She is a solid 14 pounds and 6 ounces.
50th percentile for weight and head circumference
and 85th for height.
She has a twisted sense of humour and still finds it very amusing when someone is in trouble.
It is really funny to watch a slow smile creep across her face.

It brings us so much joy as parents
watching these two together. 
Claire is happy to perform with such a willing audience
and Jane watches intently.

There are daily reminders about 
who is actually the mother.
Who does the picking up, rocking and nursing 
(yes, nursing),
But overall she is such a helpful and willing sister
whom Jane admires and looks up to, and I pray always will.

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