Spencer and I both grew up with brothers, so sisterly bonding is foreign to both of us. I think these two are getting it.

Claire is just so adoring, calling her little sister "honey" or "sister". Always looking for her when she first enters the room, pours on the affection, sings her songs and shushes her, is so proud to help give her a bottle, burp her or sing a lullaby to get her to sleep. She gives Jane multiple check ups a day with her new doctor kit, wants to hold her all the time and talks to her in the sweetest voice. She had said some sweet things about Jane, but today's quote made me smile. "Oh mommy, Jane is the perfect fit for our family!"

Jane, who spends most of her time sleeping, is really trying to figure out the world including her older sister. Jane is quite serious. When she is awake she im studies her older sister with intensity. And when she is sleeping she is content to be hold, but not squished, by her sister. 

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