My Heart Is So Full

Two and a half weeks and I think we are getting into some kind of groove. I have this way of getting both girls and myself for a much-needed nap all at the same time. It's worked 3 out of 3 times! We get out for little walks, although my muscles still fatigue easily. The weather has been so great, I love this time if year! 

Today Claire got a scooter for $1.50 (love the thrift store!) We had a warm bowl of Pho, got outside twice and watched Elf. (I think Claire may be a Christmas girl like her Mama. I promise there has been MINIMAL brainwashing and she really does like it mostly in her own!)

Miss Jane has had trouble putting on the pounds (what a problem to have, eh?!) So the majority of my time has been nursing, bottle feeding, pumping and repeat. I try to spend the in between feeding and watering my other two people, playing and reading with Claire and somewhat keeping up on laundry. (Don't judge my bathrooms, scrubbing toilets is pretty low on my priority list these days.) I am SO thankful to a dear friend of mine who is still nursing and has been pumping for me so my supplementing can me mostly breast milk! What a precious gift. Tomorrow is another weigh in. Hopefully she is at 8 lbs! 

My mom once said "The days are long but the years are short." Gosh, I think of that everyday. It is so true. The second time around I am so content to sit and snuggle my girls. Breathing in that wonderful milk breath, kissing their cheeks, reading books over and over, sitting and staring at sleeping babies (and toddlers) and forgetting the world. It passes too fast. I know when Jane is 3 I will yearn for these sweet days just once more. It seems like so long ago Claire was this small. I want just one day to go back and smell her head and have her naked chubby body on my chest. 

Each phase is really so unique and fun. I am excited to see what the future holds for these two as sisters and as individuals, but I am certainly in no hurry! 

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