Kids Say the Darndest Things

Claire is going to be three in a couple of months and her imagination and vocabulary is running wild.
I absolutely love it.
Her skills to pretend are amazing and so much fun.
We hide from Lions, try and decipher made up words,
use pretend toys as certain tools and play dress up.
She also says the funniest things
and has an amazing memory.

While playing at the park near Howard and Diane's house, she pointed to a blue house nearby and said, "That's the house daddy used to live in." Spencer had mentioned to her weeks prior that he lived in that house as a little boy.

There has been lots of birthday talk lately, and a few weeks ago she was talking about her birthday at Nana and Papa's with a banana cake and candles. My mind was racing to try and figure out what she was talking about. Then it hit me, while my in-laws were watching over two boys last summer one of them had made a banana cake with Diane. After supper we put some candles in it and sang happy birthday to Claire. It wasn't her birthday party, but something about that she must have loved.

"I am going camping with Maga and Baba. That's my grandma and my grandpa. Your mom and dad. We are going camping to roast marshmallows and sleep in a sleeping bag!"

"We go to the park water!" (water park)

C: "We got a new house! We have to move to our new house. We're done with this house now."
Me: "What is our new house like, Claire?"
C; "Its this house."

"Mom! A Stinx! A stinx mom!" (point to a library book with a Sphinx on the cover.)

C:"Here Dada, have a tricka."
Spencer: "What's a tricka?"
C: "Tricka... like a tricka-treat!"

C;"Baby's name will be Queen Elsa Princess Anna Kristoff Olaf Hans."
Me: "Claire, are you saying there are that many babies, or the baby will have all those names?"
C: "All the names."

After seeing Howard's truck pull up in front of our house, she ran exclaiming "Daddy's Dad is here!"

Last night there was an incident outside that wound Claire up in our bed.Spencer and I were quietly discussing what happened when we were told,
"Ssh, no more talking. Sleep."

"Two more bites, Mama!" (After mentioning I was getting full at dinner.)

When Spencer is wearing dress pants and a dress shirt, Claire refers to him as Doctor Daddy. If he was wearing regular clothes she calls him Dada or Daddy. One time she was hurt and he asked if Doctor Daddy could look at it, she said no because he wasn't wearing his doctor clothes.

To my mom, "Does your mommy hit you?" After I had told her that we all got spankings when we were naughty as little girls.

To her doll, "Goodnight sweetie. Don't get out of bed until the sun comes up okay? If you stay in bed we can do something fun tomorrow! Baby... I said stay in bed. If I say it again you are going to get a time out or a spanking, okay? Go back to bed...1...2..., I am almost at 3."


  1. Oh I love it all! I love that stage when they first start to relay real memories back to you!! I find it so magical.

  2. I love this post, so fun to have a collection of all the fun things Claire has said. Love her to the moon


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