Bumps and Wiggles

The baby has been wiggling like crazy!
Still not as active as her sister,
but it is so fun to feel those movements inside.
My favourite part.
Both Claire, Spencer and Diane have felt the baby move.
And this morning I saw it kick too.

I have been feeling the baby move for a couple of months,
but when I saw it on the ultrasound and then today seeing it move inside,
I get so overwhelmed.
This little one is such a blessing,
so longed for, prayed for and 
is such a testament to God's power and sovereignty. 

Those were some dark and trying months for 
Spencer and I.
We asked a lot of questions,
cried a lot of tears
and it really tested my faith.
We know God has a plan and purpose,
but sometimes it is hard to see it.
And sometimes we will never know why.
But I do know this little one is so worth the wait already.

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