Happy Mother's Day


Today my mom spent her day at Yosemite in California. Doing something fun and adventurous I imagine. Cuz that's just who she is, always up for the ride and an adventure. Taking care of everyone along the way.

Today was a busy day, but the sun was shininng and we took an hour to dip our toes in the ocean be feel the sun on our faces! Then we headed to my in-laws where the WHOLE family gathered to celebrate Diane and also Spencer and Lorna's birthdays, which they share tomorrow. Lorna will be 31 and Spencer 29, so Lorna  decided they should even things out by both turning 30. 

Mother's Day is special, a chance to say thank you for a very thankless job. To say something sweet and show her hoe much she means to you. 

Today may be bittersweet. Missing a mother, missing a child... It can be tough. Are you waiting for an adoption? Contending for a child (we feel your pain)? We pray that you are brought peace.

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