What We've Been Up To...

This past week I have 
absolutely loved getting back into a rhythm.
Spencer has been back to work this week,
with the day off for the 1st.
We miss him,
but we are also getting used to his work schedule. 

This past week I've been thinking about my resolutions
and what I want 2014 to look for our family.
I also started working on our family yearbook,
a time consuming but very fun task.
Its so hard to decide which photos will make the cut.
So far the common theme seems to be Claire in all the seasons.
I can't help myself, she's so cute!

The week following Christmas was pretty low key. 
Spencer and I were able to properly celebrate our anniversary for the first time.
Being married on the 29th, I am sure you can imagine that most days have been spent with family.
Which is so great, that's why I love this time of year.
However, getting away just the two of us for a night was wonderful.
We took the train into the city,
spent a night at Hotel Vancouver and walked around the city.
We live in such a beautiful place.
We went to a movie, ate dinner at 10,
slept in and window shopped.
Six years went by so fast!

We were also able to spend some extra time with Spencer's
cousin Josh, his wife Ruth and their cutie-patootie son Toby.
Claire is still talking about Toby.
Claire is growing up so fast.
She can ride her bike all on her own. 
No more tow rope! 
We also went swimming on the 31st with friends,
she is such a fish! I considered swimming lessons for the winter,
but I am not sure she needs them.
She has goggles (she calls them her gobbles),
holds her breath and goes under water.

She was gifted a little kitchen made from an end table for Christmas this year.
It was a joint effort between our friend Angela, Spencer and myself.
She LOVES it.

she was typing away at the computer.
When I asked her what she was doing she said,
"Just looking for recipes."
Hm, I wonder where she got that from?...

Santa brought a trunk of Princess dresses and accessories.
She suits the part.

Watching Ratatouille with mom before a nap.
My favourite Disney movie, and for now its hers too.

This weekend Tyler and Lorna are here for work.
It is great having them around!
They came from breakfast this morning,
dinner tonight.
And tomorrow night the four of us, along with Travis and Lindsay
(we'll miss you Matt and Lauren!)
are going downtown for birthday dinner.
Yup, tomorrow I am 28. 

Hope you are all enjoying the first days of 2014 !

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