Living with Gratitude

One of my goal's this year is
to have a thankful heart always.
Choosing joy above all.
To help me do that,
I've decided to go ahead
and jump on the bandwagon of going
Instagram's Gratitude 365.
A photo a day featuring something/one you're grateful for.

At first I didn't want to do it 
because I already get teased about how much I post on Instagram.
But remembering my New Years Resolution
about letting go of what people think,
I decided to go for it.
Tease me all you want,
its water off a duck's back.

Today is the 7th,
its the birthday of two very special people.
My mother-in-law is turning 29 again!
Happy Birthday to the world's most wonderful Nana.
Also born on the 7th is our sponsored child in Haiti who is turning 8.
Jump starting at day #7,
I will be posting about the birthday girl!
If you don't follow me already and have Instagram,
you can find me here.
(You do have to ask for permission,
since I do post so many photos of my ridiculously cute baby.
If I know you, I will approve. 
If I dont, I won't.
If I won't and I DO know you, send me a message and I'll get on that.)

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