Our two year old 
loves lambcicles.
She has been known to eat four in a sitting.
Last night we had
my father-in-law,
brother-in-law and 
soon-to-be sister-in-law
for dinner and I made these tasty lamb sticks.
Claire ate two and finished two of mine.

You know what else?
Besides tasting yummy,
when you trim the fat they're good for you too!
317 calories per two in this recipe.
Pair that with a tasty Greek salad 
And you've got yourself 
an amazing dinner.

Greek Lambcicles 
by Michelle Smid

-1 rack of organic lamb
-1 tbsp of EVOO
-2 sprigs of fresh rosemary 
-1 sprig each of fresh oregano & mint 
-3 garlic cloves, crushed
-black pepper
- a touch of seasoning salt
-a bit of extra oil for cooking

1/ trim the rack of lamb of any access fat
2/ using a sharp knife, slice between each rib
all the through.
This creates the 'popcicle'.
3/ lay them all out one on side and sprinkle
with just a touch of seasoning salt.
Just to help tenderize the meat, 
But don't over season. 
You really want the flavours 
of the lamb and fresh herbs to be centre stage.
4/mince the leaves of the herbs 
and sprinkle them evenly over the lamb.
5/mince (or use a press) the garlic
and do the same. 
6/ drizzle them all with EVOO 
and sprinkle lightly with pepper
7/let them marinade for 3 hours or overnight 
8/preheat a grill to 350, or a frying pan on med high
8/ lightly coat it with olive oil and
place the lamb seasoned side down 
9/use a spoon to spread all the leftover seasoning bits at the bottom
onto the other side of the lamb.
10/ cook about 6-7 minutes per side,
depending on the thickness of the meat and  how well-done you like your lamb.

***A couple of things I did were use lemon olive oil from Coast Olive Oils.
I also used this tasty Spanish Smoked Seasoning Salt that I got for my birthday.
I barely used any and it added such a nice flavour. ***

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