There are big moments in life:
"Will you marry me"
"I do"
"It's a girl"
"He's gone"
First steps,
first word,
last breath

there are all those in between moments.
Moments that make up life.
Moments that aren't necessarily memorable
or noteworthy but precious still the same.
Reading a book for the 4th time,
those little I Love You's,
and eskimo kisses.
The smell of sour morning breath,
yet so sweet you never want to forget it.
Good conversation and a good cup of coffee.
Legs intertwined while watching TV.
Finding that foot in the bed to know he's still there.
Mundane things like reheating coffee and
ripping the top off perhaps one too many mini yogurts that day.

Today my we are all home.
The sun was shining and we slept in,
watched Rio,
went for a bike ride in the crisp autumn air.
Ate leftovers and napped.
I love it when we have days like this.
They are such a blessing.
I never take for granted these days we have together.

This afternoon the soft light was streaming in through the window,
I looked over and saw these two on the couch.
In the perfect light I was overwhelmed by the feeling of love and gratitude.
Such a simple moment,
but not one I will quickly forget.

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  1. So true Michelle life is made up so many ordinary moments. A good reminder of what to treasure. Glad you had such a good Thanksgiving weekend. Hugs


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