Love, Sweet Love

This past weekend we celebrated
Steve and Alyx!
They got engaged a couple of weeks ago
Alyx's ring is a family heirloom,
a simple yellow gold band. 
So special.

I loved getting that text message,
and chatting with her on the phone
hearing all the details.
I love love,
and all that it entails.
These two started dating quickly after school began.
Around Christmas/New Years 2010.
It has been so fun to watch their relationship evolve.

We hosted a fun party with our friends to celebrate them
at our place this weekend.
We dressed up in pretty dresses,
the men wore ties.
We ate cake and other sugary treats,
drank yummy wine (or whiskey)
and all was happy and right in the world.

I made a simple cake and really wanted to put some sparklers in the top.
Sparklers make it feel like a real party, y'know? 
I looked everywhere for sparklers but I couldn't find any.
Not only that, when I asked for them I got really funny looks.
"Sparklers? What's a sparkler?"
Really? Are there no sparklers in America?
Instead a jimmied some paper clips into hearts.
I also love these pearl decorations, to class it up a bit.
Have you ever seen them before?

Congratulations you two love birds!


  1. oh my. i love this! so special and sweet! congrats you two love birds <3

  2. Super cute cake! (ps us does sell sparklers... usually around new year's and 4th of july)


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